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ZERO DOWN VEST-Warming Up With Air
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Zero Down vest is an air-filled winter vest that gives wearers the possibility to control their level of warmth. By replacing the traditional feathers with inflatable air chambers, Zero Down is eco-friendly as well as efficient. Each Zero Down vest comes with an air nozzle, simply blow air in or use our specially designed Tiny Pump to inflate your vest to warm up.

Zero Down vest adopts an innovative fabric production technique-Zero-Down , the fabric are made from recycled plastic bottles. Zero Down gives new life to plastic bottles that go to waste by recycling them into fabric. With every Zero Down vest, we help to recycle 8.8 plastic bottles. We are not only Eco-friendly, but also very efficient. It is proven that Zero Down has the same heat retaining ability as a 600 fill- power (FP) down product and 1.3 times heat retaining ability as a cotton product.

Instead of traditional down, Zero Down vest utilizes the infinitely available natural resource- AIR as the heat retaining substance. In order to produce a traditional 600 fill-power (FP) down jacket, 13 ducks will be killed or live-plucked for their feathers and 7 tons of pure water will be polluted. With our innovative technology, there will be no more suffering and pollution. We are giving the clothing industry an ethical alternative over down. Apart from warmth, Zero Down vest is so much lighter than a conventional down vest. The vest was purposely designed as ultra-light and thin, you will feel nothing when you wear it while still keep you warm.

When it is hot to wear Zero Down vest, it is very easy to carry. It weighs only around 375 grams, light enough to be packed anywhere. Zero Down's material is also wrinkle resistance and can be simply smoothed once air is inflated into it.   

We also designed this vest to be safe to use in outdoor environment and for adventure enthusiasts. We used high tech material which is waterproof and abrasion resistance. With Zero Down ™, you will not need to worry about getting your vest dirty, wet, or broken while enjoying the nature.

In addition to keep you warm, our vest is also designed to breath. We use highly elastic fabric with laser drilling technology; Zero Down vest remains comfortable and dry while keeping you warm.  


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